Tiger Cityscape

This entire development model was 3D printed in full HD color for our Dubai based client. We use 3D printing to cut lead times and prices for our clients.

Traditional manufacturing methods often require the creation of complex molds and tooling, which can take a long time to produce. With 3D architectural model making, there is no need for tooling, as the 3D printer can create the desired shape directly from a digital file. This eliminates the need for lengthy tooling production time, thus reducing manufacturing time. Since we did model making using 3D printing, the assembly time was also reduced. Creating complex parts would otherwise require multiple components to be produced and assembled. Try our flexible 3D printing service and discover real 3D printing in Dubai UAE. At generation 3D architectural 3D printing services we pride ourselves in high quality design and service. We create 3D printing solutions with pin point accuracy. Choose Generation 3D for the best 3D printing services in Dubai UAE. [gallery link="file" ids="2025,2026,2027,2028,2029,2030"]