Best 3D Printing Company in Dubai

With 10 years of experience in the MENA region, Generation 3D is the authority on large-scale 3D printing in the UAE.

Generation 3D a team of 30+ Designers, Engineers, Project managers & craftsmen over a 10,000sqft bespoke 3D printing facility which pioneers the industry in Dubai and worldwide. 


Leading 3D Printing Firm in Dubai: Generation 3D

Sushi Samba Dubai

15,000+ components of 3D printing bamboo lattice work for Sunset Hospitality Group and Dubai’s most glamourous restaurant – Sushi Samba.


1 km of 3D printed bamboo lattice

2 tonnes of PLA material

15,000+ unique components

4 months delivery

Dubai's 3D Printing Leader

Advanced computational design.

Complete Architectural design service.

Bespoke ‘Feature Piece’ design service.

Robotic 3D printing technology.

Generation 3D are at the foresfront of 3D Printing based manufacturing technology with our 10,000 sqft facility housing bespoke hardware specifically catered towards but not limited to the AEC industry.

High-strength material.

Rapid extrusion speed.

Innovative 3D Printing in Interior Design

Generation 3D are at the forefront of the 3D printing revolution within the built environment. Our in house architecture and design team are pioneering new design paths that unlock the full potential of 3D printing and computational design.


Our aim is to encompass a fully sustainable close loop service offering our clients what is known as a circular construction process, whereby all of the materials generated from the start will be recycled throughout every iteration of the project as it is updated and re-created over time.


Generate innovative architecture and designs.


3D print, finishing and installation.


Recycle material ready to reuse.



Fully recycled materials.

We are invested in a green future with an emphasis on sustainable materials and full-scale recycling of interior construction waste.

Combining our inhouse technologies we are using the same construction waste to refine back into 3D printable pellet materials. Reducing cost, logistics, waste and carbon footprint.

Our recent projects.