The World's Largest Luxury Shoe Store Transformed

Level Shoes, renowned as the world's largest luxury shoe store, became the canvas for our innovation. Our mission: to infuse the space with a futuristic ambiance that resonates with the essence of luxury, and simultaneously to address sustainability challenges that often plague the retail industry.

Parametric Brilliance Unleashed

Our collaboration birthed ten parametrically designed retail walls and dividers, seamlessly blending form and function. These walls serve a dual purpose, acting as both futuristic design elements and the perfect retail display for exquisite shoes. Every brick in these walls is a unique entity, and their individuality comes together to create mesmerizing curved walls.

Sustainable Luxury with a Purpose

At Generation 3D, sustainability is at the heart of every project. Our eco-build material, derived from plant-based sources, was the chosen medium for these creations. What sets these walls apart is not just their elegance but their lifecycle. When it's time for a renovation, these walls will be 100% recycled and transformed for their next project, avoiding the fate of clogging landfill sites.

3D Printing allows us to use sustainable materials and recycle. This is a true revolution for the interior design industry. With fast paced and frequent renovations, the interior design industry is one of the most frequent depositors of landfill globally. Finally 3D printing gives us an opportunity to prevent this.

Redesigning Retail, Rethinking Sustainability

The Level Shoes project represents our commitment to merging architectural innovation, luxury, and sustainability. By recycling and repurposing materials, we're contributing to a greener future in an industry that traditionally generates significant waste.

Join us in exploring the intersection of luxury, design, and sustainability. The Level Shoes project is a testament to our vision: to reshape the world of architecture and design while safeguarding our planet's future—one step at a time. Discover the future of retail with Generation 3D.