3D Designing

3D Designing

Infrastructure & Interior Designing

3D printing can play a significant role in interior design by allowing designers to quickly and easily create physical models of their designs. This can be useful for visualizing the overall layout and flow of a space, as well as for testing out different design elements. 3D designing is also very beneficial in infrastructure designing as it helps to test out overall layout and structure of a building or other infrastructure project, as well as for testing out different design elements, such as load-bearing capacity and structural integrity.

Generation 3D are global leaders in 3D designing within the interior design and infrastructure space. Our 3D printing Dubai office has a specialist division with architects, engineers and designers who specialize in large scale 3D printing projects. Our team help take the largest projects in construction and interior design from initial drawings, to 3D printing, to installation and hand-over. We have very notable 3D designing projects that we completed in Dubai, UAE.

How our 3D designing projects are implemented

3D Design

We work with our clients throughout the whole delivery stage of the 3D designing project. From the inception ideas, our design team and engineers work with our clients to guide them through the process. We create bespoke designs that are designed specifically for 3D printing and ensure the smoothest journey to delivery.

The main benefit of 3D printing in designing is that it can be used to create custom furniture, decor, and other elements that can be incorporated into an interior design.  This can be useful for creating unique and personalized designs that are tailored to the specific needs and preferences of the client. Overall, 3D printing can help interior designers to more efficiently and effectively communicate their ideas and bring their designs to life.

3D Printing and Manufacturing

We then select the most appropriate 3D printing technology, also called additive manufacturing technology, to manufacture the parts for the project. From highly detailed planning to choosing outdoor appropriate material, we can help you with the decision from A-Z. Within our fleet of technology we have:

  • Over 50 3D printers
  • 15 additional manufacturing machines
  • 30 different materials from high temperature to microscopic detail

Finishing of the 3D Design Project

Parts are then finished by our fabrication team. From metal plated to organic like materials, our incredible team and world class facility will translate the 3D printed parts into project materials for construction or interior design projects.

Installation of the 3D Designed Project

The final part of our projects is within our delivery team. Our team is uniquely qualified to install 3D printing projects at such a large scale. Generation 3D’s in house team has put together and constructed some of the largest 3D printing projects ever completed.

Our 3D Designing Projects

3D Printing for Interior Design

Generation 3D completed the world-renowned Sushi Samba ceiling project in Dubai. Recognized globally within the architecture and interior design sectors as one of the most intricate ceiling or canopy designs globally.

The project was completed from design to handover by Generation 3D’s Dubai office. The ceiling consisted of 100% 3D printed bamboo. The bamboo structure was 100% 3D printed consisting of 11,000 parts and over 2km of 3D printed bamboo. The parts were manufactured locally in Dubai using plant based eco-friendly 3D printing materials, reducing the carbon footprint and environmental impact of the project dramatically.

3D Printed Infrastructure Projects

Generation 3D had completed the first 3D printed bridge cladding in Dubai. In association with the RTA, Generation 3D delivered over 1000 rings for the Expo 2020 bridge. The 3D printed rings cladded the bridge and interchange going into the Expo 2020 site and is one of the key infrastructure highlights of the Expo site.

The rings vary in shape, size and color and drew inspiration from an ancient ring that was the original guide for the Expo 2020 logo. Generation 3D were tasked with designing and manufacturing the 1000 rings to glad the bridge and interchange. The 3D rings were LED backlit and provided a stunning backdrop for the Expo site.

Generation 3D were brought the mandate as our client had an initial design but no way to manufacture and install the varying designs at such quantity. Generation 3D explained the value of 3D printing the 3D rings due to the complex nature of the shape and the ability to change and modify individual parts at will.

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