The first part of any process starts with design. For us, this is what sets G3D apart from the rest of the industry. We take a project from the first stage of inception, through full concept design to manufacturing-ready files.

Our team of in-house Architects, 3D designers and Interior designers guide and support our customers and their design team, to optimize the process for 3D printing both technically and aesthetically.  Our design team will assist you and help you unlock the true potential of 3D printing for architecture and interiors. Large-scale 3D printing is a unique process so let us guide you towards a dream project.

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Our manufacturing process is like none other in the Interior design and architecture space. The vast majority of our work is 3D printed however we ensure we always use sustainable and safe materials. Our large-scale robotic 3D printers along with our 50+ 3D printers in our print farm are the backbone of our production and manufacturing capabilities. With one of the biggest large-scale 3D printing capacities in the world, we are able to brig truly unique concepts to the world of architecture.

Our technology also allows us to RECYCLE our parts. Instead of sending old designs and interiors to landfills, we can take the material, recycle it then use it again for your next project, what is your ceiling piece this year could be your walls the next!

Our additive manufacturing methods mean we can create completely unique, customizable structures that have never been seen before in interior design and architecture. Our 3D printing equipment allows us to take the shackles off and create. COMPLEXITY IS FREE!

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At Generation 3D we consider ourselves craftsmen. Our machinery and design teams allow us to create beautiful structures, but our team of 20+ fabricators allow us to finish the parts and create art. Our fabricators have honed various post-processing techniques and finishing techniques over 10 years to allow us to finish any 3D printed part.

From stone to metal to wood finishes, we can mimic any surface finish and have techniques to rival any manufacturing technique. This is what allows us to take traditional 3D-printed parts and turn them into architectural marvels. Where possible we do like to use a raw finish with print lines however we understand clients' varying needs for finishes on projects.

Our range of organic paints and dyes allows us to keep the project as sustainable as possible. 

See how we were able to create a real-to-touch ‘Bamboo’ finish in the world's largest 3D printing for interiors project here.

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We take your project all the way through to delivery. As a main or subcontractor on your job we can ensure our parts and process is designed perfectly to be installed modularly and efficiently around your works. Our design team from day one will consider the space and installation. Our dedicated logistics and install team will be on site and ensure millimeter accurate install.

From delivery to site to install of the entire project we have you covered!