3D Printing and Manufacturing Services

3D Printing & Manufacturing Services

3D Printing is at the core of everything we do at Generation 3D. We offer 3D printing services across a variety of different machines and materials. We can offer 3D printing production runs of 1000s of parts per week. We work across a variety of different industries from Automotive to Defense. No matter if its 10,000 basic parts or extremely complex batches of parts, the chances are we have the right machine and materials for you

Why 3D Print Your Production Runs


With machines able to offer up to 16micron accuracy, we are able to deliver extremely accurate parts no matter how complex the design or small the features are. 3D printing is much more accurate than traditional manufacturing methods when using our state of the art manufacturing facility and technology.

3D Printing in Dubai is changing the way we make things and freeing us from design constraints. 3D Printing in Dubai is here and here to stay. Dubai and the UAE have highlighted 3D printing as the key focus for the next 15 years due to its ability to help companies develop products, wow customers, and win more business. We directed on getting hands with distinct leading & global solution providers to enable an echo system with the latest technologies and the most efficient manufacturing techniques that adapt to a wide range of industries in Dubai and the Middle East.


3D printed components




The beauty of 3D printing is that “complexity is free”. As we use additive manufacturing techniques, our machines do not care how complex a part is and it does not add any overall cost. If you work in an industry that relies on intricate complex designs, 3D printing will usually be cheaper, faster and produce a better quality part than traditional manufacturing techniques. We also use a range of other manufacturing tools to complement our additive manufacturing services.



Low risk Low investment

When using 3D printing services, your initial investment to manufacture your products is far lower than traditional manufacturing. As we don’t need tooling we have much lower MOQ and we are able to create multiple different designs in one production run. If you are looking for a solution to manufacturing a smaller quantity of parts or complex parts without a huge initial capital injection, get in touch today!


Best product output of 3D Printing in Dubai, UAE



Local and environmental friendly

We believe in localizing manufacturing and 3D printing is the perfect tool to do that. We are able to manufacture parts and products locally which dramatically reduces lead times but also the environmental impact. Manufacturing products locally means the huge amounts of CO2 emitted through international shipping and air freight. As we use additive manufacturing techniques, the amount of waste is negligible and the amount of power needed for our 3D printers is much lower than traditional manufacturing techniques.



Why Generation 3D


Founded in 2015, Generation 3D were one of the first 3D printing services provider in the UAE. Having completed thousands of 3D printing projects in Dubai and world record breaking installations, we have a unique position of being located locally with a global reputation. From manufacturing runs of thousands of parts to complex large installs, we have experience that lends itself to all projects.


Technology choice

At Generation 3D we are a technology agnostic 3D printing service. This means is we use a huge amount of different technologies from around the world from best in class vendors. Our ability to use a number of 3D printing machines means we are able to always select the best and most appropriate techniques from SLA and highly complex smooth parts to our FDM production farm for mass production.

Design and Postproduction Capability

At Generation 3D we pride ourselves on being able to take projects from design through to delivery. We have the most experienced 3D design team in the region who all specialize in 3D printing design. We can help your conversion of files ready for 3D printing as well as increase the efficiency and performance of the parts.

After the parts come of the 3D printers, we have a specialist division to finish and post process the parts. Depending on your requirements we can match your requirement of almost any finish. Our finishing team use techniques from painting to electroplating to create a wide range of finishes.

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For more details call +971 4 282 2066 or email on info@generation3d.ae