3D Printed Projects

3D printing & model making gallery

3D printing, modeling and manufacturing has been our core service for many years. As one of the top 3D printing companies in UAE, we have had the opportunity to work on some of the most prestigious projects there are. From providing 3D printing service to industries including fashion, medicine, artwork, automobiles to building impeccable 3D architecture models and 3D interior designs, Generation 3D has come a long away in this domain. Here is a portfolio of some of our most reputable 3D printed projects in the UAE, GCC and rest of the world since 2015.

Architectural scale models using 3D printing technology is one of our core competencies. 3D printed models can save time and can be made much more efficiently at a very low cost. The process frees architects and model makers from the manual, traditional efforts and allows them to focus more on working on their concepts and ideas. Among the most reputable 3D model making projects that Generation 3D has done are the architectural tower model,Dubai, architectural model of the cityscape of Dubai, an oil & gas facility, among others.

Generation 3D also is a market leader in 3D printing of infrastructure & interior designs. Among our works that stand out are the 3D printed infrastructure ring structure that is visible from the Expo 2020 bridge leading to the expo site, a 3-meter 3D printed dragon head, among others.

Other interesting applications in 3D printing & manufacturing that Generation 3D has created are 3D printed superheroes for gifting to children, 3D printed artworks, jewelry and shoes.