Project Spotlight: Intricate 3D Printed Bamboo Design for Sushi Samba

At Generation 3D, we thrive on pushing the boundaries of interior design and architecture, and our recent project stands as a testament to our commitment to innovation and sustainability. We had the privilege of undertaking one of the most ambitious and intricate interior design projects ever: the 3D printed bamboo masterpiece for Sushi Samba, the crown jewel of Dubai's hospitality sector, located in the heart of Palm Jumeirah.

A Sustainable Triumph in Design and Craftsmanship

This exceptional project, an awe-inspiring fusion of artistry and sustainability, features a sprawling 3D printed bamboo structure that seamlessly weaves its way through the entire restaurant, from walls to ceilings. Comprising over 2 kilometres of 3D printed bamboo and 15,000 individual pieces, it is the largest interior fitout project ever executed using 3D printing technology.

This project is multi award winning and is recognised as Dubai’s most ambitious hospitality project and a beacon for 3D printing and its possibilities globally. Its safe to say this project put Generation 3D and Dubai on the map.

Eco-Focused Engineering

One of the defining aspects of this project was our unwavering commitment to sustainability. The entire structure was 3D printed in a plant-based sustainable material, making it the most environmentally responsible choice available. This aligns with our dedication to eco-conscious practices and materials that respect the environment.

The Complexity of Design Meets the Efficiency of 3D Printing

The intricate nature of the bamboo design, with its double and triple curves, posed a unique challenge that conventional manufacturing methods couldn't adequately address. 3D printing allowed us to bring this intricate vision to life, all while maintaining modularity for efficient on-site assembly. It was not only the most sustainable option but also the most practical, enabling us to manufacture locally and meet the project's complex design requirements.

Generation 3D: Redefining Interior Design Possibilities

Our work with Sushi Samba and Sunset Hospitality group represents the embodiment of our core values—innovation, sustainability, and excellence in craftsmanship. We are proud to have delivered a project that not only showcases the incredible potential of 3D printing in architecture but also demonstrates our unwavering commitment to creating sustainable, awe-inspiring spaces.

Join us in reimagining what's possible in architectural design, where every project is a testament to creativity, sustainability, and the power of 3D printing. Discover the future of interior design with Generation 3D.

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Installation of 3d printed parts