3D Printing Art Projects

3D Printing Art and design projects is a way to develop unique and otherwise impossible outcomes. Generation 3D specialise in large scale implementation of 3D printing projects in Dubai, UAE and across the GCC. See below a variety of 3D Printed art projects and how they were designed. 3D printing gives artists and designers complete freedom and removes the shackles of traditional creative techniques and modelling constraints. Whatever your idea build on it.

Below is some of the 3D printed art that generation 3D have been involved in...but then again, what is art? We believe most of our 3D printing projects are works of art but here are some that featured in galleries. Generation 3D and Moorfields eye hospital teamed up to create 3D printed art for world site week. A selection of designs were collected from competition winners, which the Generation 3D team went about turning these into 3D models, which were eventually 3D printed. These were displayed in Ayyam Gallery in Dubai. The project received a million views on Social media and was a viral sensation throughout Dubai and the wider UAE [gallery link="file" ids="609,612,611,610"]   See below the amazing outcome of our 3D Printed project. For more info contact us [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jh0ATDELb2Y&t[/embed]