Why 3D printing is the future

3D printing is a technology that is being widely accepted and used in industries of all types these days. Why is this emerging technology getting popularized so much? Is it used only for 3D modeling and prototyping or also for large scale manufacturing? Let’s find out.

3D printing services has been around for the last 30 years. However, the technology was only limited to industrial prototyping and professionals. It is only recently that 3D printing started to be open to the public. Now, even the layman can utilize the additive manufacturing technology to produce any object using a 3D design. Professional 3D designers who use the 3D printing technology use multiple types of materials to produce sturdy models in the design of your choice. 3D printing companies in Dubai, UAE, like Generation 3D has a bunch of absolutely the best-in-class designers who use top-notch technology to do 3D printing, prototyping, 3D architecture modeling and post-processing for all types of industries. From making the 3D design model of the ADAC airport (Abu Dhabi Airports Company), 3D masterplan of Riviera, Dubai, to creating 3D printing for oil & gas projects, car grills to 3D printed jewelry and fashion accessories, Generation 3D is your destination if you are looking for such services at the best 3D printing price.

Benefits of 3D printing

  • The first version of a product can be made available much faster with 3D printing and 3D modeling compared to traditional methods of manufacturing
  • It cuts down a lot of constraints that is present while adopting the traditional manufacturing methods. For example, it is possible to create complex geometrical shapes and structures in 3D printing that do not require assembly
  • It is easily possible with 3D printing to produce single quantities of smaller objects at low cost
  • 3D printing helps reduce production-related material loss
  • Specific tooling for different object types is not required in 3D printing ,3D architecture modeling or 3D designing. This saves on the cost for manufacturing
  • It improves flexibility in production and helps reduce expenses
  • 3D printing helps to manufacture faster, thus saving time
  • 3D printing is the best option for customization requirements

In a nutshell, 3D printing is a great method for people to bring their creative ideas to life. It also enables architects, designers and other artists to manufacture objects when required and in as small or large quantities they want, much easier than the traditional ways of manufacturing. 3D printing and manufacturing provides great accuracy and top-notch finish. Generation 3D is one such company that aims at manufacturing 3D models of your choice with great precision, at the best 3D printing price.