What is the future of 3d architecture modeling?

3d architecture modeling has radically changed the way architecture is done in the past years. With softwares such as CAD (Computer Aided Design) being used to digitally design buildings, the whole concept of architecture has shifted from conventional methods to 3d designing and 3d printing. It seems like model making in Dubai using 3d technology is here to stay as it provides various benefits over the traditional methods.


What are the benefits of 3d architectural visualization?


The benefits of this technology are numerous. It is these very benefits that separate them from the traditional architectural practices and make them the most preferred methodology.


  1. Ability to make changes

The ability to make changes to 3d model as per your client’s requirement is extremely easy. It’s as easy as typing in a command, and the design aspects adjust them accordingly, be it expanding or contracting or anything else.


  1. Duplication

Another major benefit of 3d printing is duplication. If your clients wants to duplicate certain aspects of one room and create 2 other similar rooms, it is easily possible with this technology. Similar of you really like a particular design and wish to copy certain aspects of in the future, you can easily save the initial design and keep it for future use.


  1. Scalability


Just like with duplication, you can scale your project to any size you would like. For example, if your initial design was for a small office and later the client looks to build a huge building with similar design, it is easily possible with 3d model making.


  1. Personalization


Unlike traditional architectural methods, 3d modeling allows for printing out single structures as opposed to the mass structures in conventional methods. Easy customization can be done using 3d architecture visualization and this can really seem to be appealing to your clients.


3d architecture is certainly going to be the future due to its numerous benefits and Generation 3D is a pioneer in 3d printing and model making in Dubai.