Architectural Masterplan Model

Architectural masterplan model

In architectural model making, masterplan models are very popular. An architectural masterplan model is a large-scale model that provides an overview of a proposed development or urban design project. It is typically used to help stakeholders visualize and understand the overall layout and design of a project. This is one of our most significant 3d printing services. This is an architectural masterplan model of a development for one of our clients in Dubai. As a leading developer and looking for a top of the range 3D model, we knew 3D printing would work to meet their prestigious demands. This model has a wide range of architectural features that we needed to use all of our design and 3D printing resource to ensure every detail was captured. Again our client was delighted with our service and we have replicated this 3D Model around the world. To get in touch and see how we can help bring your architectural masterplan to life using our model making and 3D Printing experience, contact us today on +971 4 282 2066 or [gallery size="large" link="file" ids="723,724,726,720,727,725,722,718,719,715,716,717"]