Clinicase Antimicrobial Phone Case

Generation 3D Release CLINICASE

Generation 3D are now 3D Printing in an antiviral Nanocopper material which is 99.9% Anti-viral and Anti-Bacterial. With this news we have released our latest product CLINICASE. Clinicase is an antimicrobial smartphone case. It uses Nanocopper infused material, which attacks the membrane of virus and bacteria it comes into contact with

We are 3D Printing this in our Dubai, UAE Headquarters as well as our 3D Printing manufacturing facility in the UK! This is the first product of its kind and will be available in all major retailers soon. 3D Printing has allowed Generation 3D to get Clinicase to market in record time and helping our customers get back to their daily lives, this is the power of 3D Printing!

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