3D Printed Model of Birmingham (3D Printing)

Generation 3D were tasked with 3D printing the entire city of Birmingham and create an interactive map for our clients to demonstrate the key features of Birmingham and its potential for future development. This will be showcased in their Dubai UAE headquarters to show prospective clients their key sales messages. The model was 3D printed and designed around the customers sales messages and key discussion points. 3D Printing this masterplan gave us the detail levels needed to accurately showcase Birmingham, whilst giving us the flexibility to colour and highlight certain key features important to our client. Generation 3D guided the client through the whole project from the inception of the idea, to the instillation of the 3D Printed Map. It was the first time our client had used 3D printing for a project and the Generation 3D team ensured the client easily understood and was engaged with the 3D printing process. After the final results of the project it is fair to say they are now confident and a fan of 3D printing! To see how 3D printing could bring your project to life and get your key sales message out there, please email dominic@generation3d.ae or call on +971 (0) 4398 4504 Installations available in Dubai, UAE, GCC and beyond!