3D Printing Services Project in UAE

In the two years Generation 3D have been operational, we have become very well renowned in Dubai and the UAE for architectural model making using 3D Printing. In fact we have received acclaim and orders from around the world for our work.

Yes, we are a 3D Printing company. Delivering a 3D Printing service to businesses is and always will be our company’s mission, however, we quickly realised that a large part of this current demand is architectural model making.

3D Printing is revolutionising model making and the architecture industry as a whole, removing a lot of boundaries of conventional model making, whilst giving us an ability to create on demand models. By cutting out a lot of the issues we are also able to drive down costs as the process becomes much less labour intensive.

This is not to say all we use is 3D Printing! Many of our clients and partners often say “well it doesn’t look 3D Printed”, and that is because 3D Printing is a revolutionary tool but not the outcome itself! All the expertise in 3D printing comes before (in designing innovative yet practical 3D models) and post-processing the parts in such a way that a customer is delivered with a desired product whether it is 3D printed or not is not the objective.

landscaping model using 3D printing
At Generation 3D, we will sometimes deliver purely 3D printed parts or models but more often than not we require additional finishing methods or technologies. We 3D print when 3D Printing is the best man for the job and that is essential to understand. We always advise our clients on whether 3D Printing is the best solution for the desired outcome, as in some cases there are more efficient ways to execute a design.

Some of the region’s largest and most innovative developers such as Emaar and Azizi are using us to execute stunning architectural displays already and we would like to thank all our customers for their continued support.

This understanding of 3D printing is something that will take time in Dubai and the wider UAE to adapt to however this is why we are here, to help!

If you want to discuss how 3D Printing could help your architectural model needs and to see if we could be saving you time and money on your models, please contact Dominic Wright at dominic@generation3d.a or call on +971 553192963