3D Printing in Dubai for Engineering consultancies

Cityscape Global in Dubai is often the highlight of the industry, not just for the UAE, but the entire region. 2018 was no different, once again allowing the entire industry to connect and reflect on the year, as well as see what is upcoming for the years to come.

Personally, this year was very exciting to witness the show a lot of the developers as well as architects and designers all put on. This year demonstrated a real sense of optimism and the scale of projects on display was there for everyone to see. 3D Printing pushed the boundaries of some of the largest projects on display and Generation 3D were fortunate enough to be able to execute many of them.

3D printing at this year’s Cityscape in Dubai was more prominent than ever before in bringing the vision of developers, architects and the government entities to life. Generation 3D executed our largest and most intricate architectural models to date.

Our largest model at the event, and the largest at the event itself, was a huge masterplan of Azizi’s major developments in the Meydan area which measured approx. 80 square meters! Along with our ambitious clients, we designed the model to demonstrate the huge scale of their ambitions which rivals our own (image in header above). The masterplan model consisted mostly of 3D printed parts along with some traditional techniques. This allowed us to meet our clients budgets but most importantly bring their vision of their developments to life in a striking and impactful masterplan model.

Generation 3D also helped bring Sobha’s masterplan model to life with 3D printing and intricate design work. Here the ambition was to show off the unique landscape Sobha are creating and architectural features throughout.

Both models were completed in record time and Generation 3D’s use of technology and forward thinking model making techniques allowed us to produce the models on time, in budget and to the highest quality.

The reaction from attendees and our clients made the hard work worth it. Both models were center pieces and bustling for the whole event. Our clients left the event very happy with us and the takeaways from using the models. We are continually trying to push the boundaries of model making in Dubai and the UAE and look forward to what the next year brings.

Lastly, a huge thank you to our clients and every member of our hard-working team who put all their energy and passion into delivering some breath taking projects over the past few months.

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