Building on the idea that the Vikings visited the island and left their ships behind, the Heart of Europe wanted to develop a narrative surrounding the Swedish islands. With a built-up area of approximately 2,015m2, each beach palace is topped off with a roof reassembling the upturned hull of a Viking ship. On top of which sits a fully customized 3-meter 3D printed dragon head.

Generation 3D allowed The Heart of Europe’s ideas to come to life, from creating visualizations to 3D modeling to final installation.

Whilst determining the overall look and feel of the dragon it was important to also consider the mechanics and complicated technical mounting design. The 3-meter dragon was to be integrated with an existing spiral design offset from the roof. Our experienced team of designers took real-life measurements to help establish the perfect fit. One of the biggest advantages of 3D printing is flexibility within design. The nature of 3D printing allows step-by-step assembly of the product which guarantees enhancement of design and better-quality products.

The 5-meter dragon model was 3D printed and fabricated in our UAE headquarters. Using over 50kg of printing material the dragon was printed in multiple parts and assembled seamlessly by our very talented fabrication team. 3D printing allows parts to be printed in succession, meaning each successive individual part can be monitored, letting errors to be caught in real-time. This helps reduce failed parts and wasted materials.

The impactful 3D printed dragon head marks a milestone for large-scale 3D printing and proves that anything is possible! As the construction of each beach palace assembles within the Swedish Islands, the development of a new 3D printed dragon head will be made.

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