How 3D modeling can benefit architects

3D printing has found applications in the property improvement lifecycle and one can say without a doubt that architecture firms are benefitting the most out of this new technology. 3D model making can take advantage of the additive manufacturing technology for the speed, detail, cost and effectiveness.Traditional methods of architectural model making are quickly being replaced by 3D architectural model making for all its benefits and Generation 3D is one of the best 3D model making companies in UAE and is known for its model making services.

Architects have a pivotal role in building properties from its conception to its construction. 3D modeling makes the job much simpler for architects and takes away all the manual work from them leaving them to focus on developing their concepts and ideas. Let’s look at the different ways in which 3D printing and architectural modeling can help architects:

Benefits of 3D model making

Design development

Architects conceptualize a design, draw it manually and then work on it over time. Be it designing a building, urban are or a landscape,3D modeling allows architects to easily design complex structures and obtain physical models of the same. With 3D printing it is possible to obtain a physical model that looks as natural as possible and it also saves a lot of time and cost.

Win over competition

Architectural firms often find themselves in a position to present their concept in a better way compared to their competition. 3D modeling paves way for excellent physical production of the architect’s concept and helps them make their concept from the rest of the crowd.

Client Presentation

In many cases, visual representation of the building model might not be enough to impress an important client. Final presentation of the model is another stage where 3D model making can come to the architect’s rescue. With the physical model of a structure, clients can make better judgements and this can also help to win the contract ultimately.

Public Approval

in certain situations, it might take the local council or planning authority to approve a project. This might require discussions with the local public. In these cases 3D printing and creation of the physical model using it will help the public to get better understanding of what the structure will mean to them and their town’s development.