Benefits of localizing architectural 3D printing services

3D printing services is always more beneficial if localization is adapted, especially in architectural model making. Localization of architecture modeling refers to the adaptation of building design to suit the specific local conditions, such as climate, topography, and cultural context. This approach to design helps reduce the environmental impact of buildings in several ways:

  1. Energy Efficiency: By taking into account local weather patterns, building orientation and shading can be optimized to reduce energy use for heating and cooling.
  2. Materials Selection: Local materials can be used in construction, reducing the environmental impact of transportation and reducing waste associated with import/export of building materials.
  3. Water Management: Local climate and topography can inform rainwater harvesting, grey water reuse, and other water management strategies, reducing the burden on local water resources.
  4. Faster and more efficient delivery: By localizing our model making services in Dubai, we become capable of faster delivery
  5. More control and involvement in design and production: Being a model making company in Dubai, it gives us better control over the design processes and requirements of the client if we localize our services
  6. Post sales and service maintenance: If our clients are closer to our manufacturing units, post sales services become easier. This is beneficial for both the company and the client.