Architectural Projects For Exterior Spaces

Building Tomorrow, Today

At Generation 3D, we are pioneers in the construction industry, redefining the way buildings come to life. Since our inception in 2015, we have set the stage for innovation, consistently delivering groundbreaking 3D printing projects in Dubai and across the globe. As the first company to specialize exclusively in 3D printing for construction, we have transformed architectural dreams into complex reality.

Our journey began with a vision of revolutionizing construction through technology, precision, and sustainability. Over the years, we've not only reshaped skylines but also reimagined the construction process itself. From awe-inspiring structures to eco-friendly facades, Generation 3D stands at the forefront of architectural innovation.

Building Tomorrow, Today

Bridging Imagination to Reality:

3D Printing and Advanced Design Technologies

AI and advanced design technologies lay the groundwork, conceiving intricate, data driven designs. 3D printing takes these designs and breathes life into them, ensuring that the digital visions become real-world solutions.

As we stand at the cusp of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the synergy between AI and 3D printing promises an era of unparalleled innovation and customization.
Together, they are the architects of a future where ideas take shape with precision and creativity knows no bounds.

3D printing defies the limitations of traditional manufacturing methods. It can effortlessly translate complex, multifaceted designs conceived in the digital sphere into tangible, physical objects. This means that architects, engineers, and designers can materialize the most intricate and imaginative concepts, pushing the boundaries of what's achievable.

3D printing and manufacturing

3D printing and manufacturing.

We then select the most appropriate 3D printing technology, also called additive manufacturing technology, to manufacture the parts for the project. From highly detailed planning to choosing outdoor appropriate material, we can help you with the decision from A-Z. Within our fleet of technology we have:

  • Over 50 3D printers
  • 15 additional manufacturing machines
  • 30 different materials from high temperature to microscopic detail
Finishing and detailing

Finishing and detailing.

Parts are then finished by our fabrication team. From metal plated to organic like materials, our incredible team and world class facility will translate the 3D printed parts into project materials for construction or interior design projects.

Installation of 3d printed parts

Installation of 3D printed parts.

The final part of our projects is within our delivery team. Our team is uniquely qualified to install 3D printing projects at such a large scale. Generation 3D’s in house team has put together and constructed some of the largest 3D printing projects ever completed.