Case Studies


3D Printing Projects

With 3D printing or the additive manufacturing technology, projects across all industries have become far easier to implement, more precise and more cost-effective. In the architectural field, 3D models are widely used today owing to the reduced time it takes to create accurate building models and the improved visualization it obtains. The automotive industry benefits from 3D printing in ways more than one, like manufacturing custom parts at reduced costs, producing spare parts much easier than conventional methods, and more. Another interesting place where 3D designing is used is the fashion industry, wherein its used effectively to create sustainable collections, accessories and customizable garments. Generation 3D has proved its mettle in the field of 3D modeling, printing and manufacturing and has created some noteworthy projects. Some of them can be read about here.

One of the largest 3D printed infrastructure projects of its kind in the world was created by Generation 3D. Almost one thousand 3D printed rings was made and placed on the new intersection leading to the Dubai Expo site. Another interesting work was the creation of a 3D printed three meter dragon head, that involved strong mechanics and complicated technical mounting design.