3D Printing for Oil and Gas projects in the GCC is becoming widely adopted for planning, prototyping and marketing purposes. Below are some images of the ENOC refinery in Dubai. The project was entirely designed and 3D Printed by Generation 3D. We received the project in a variety of CAD and BIM softwares and our team of talented designers re-imagined and designed the entire refinery to be 3D Printable.

3D Printing this project here in Dubai meant we were able to cut the estimated lead time of the project in half from its estimated time. 3D Printing this model enabled us to provide a 100% accurate 3D model as opposed to a crude representative model of this site. The 3D Printing process was just half the battle and over half the time was speant re-designing the complex files.

The 3D printed model was used as a display at the WETEX conference in Dubai and was presented to HH Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. The model is used to explain clearly to government, internal stakeholders, investors and contractors more easily plans for the new site more easily than an on screen model. 3D Printing allowed ENOC to present the new plans easily and visually to all stakeholders both technical and non-technical.

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